White Cliffs Lodge 9993

The White Cliffs Lodge 9993 amalgamated with the Pharos De Dubris Lodge 10554 in December 2010

 Look at Pharos De Dubris Page for their meetings.



Back in 1974 four brothers decided that, as there was only one Lodge in Dover, that there was a calling for a new Lodge. George Fincher ROH, Brian Watson CP., John English KOM and Harry Reid CP. (Degree's in 1974), got together in a public house called the Cherry Tree Inn, in London Road, Dover and spoke to the Landlord, a Mr Sam Abbott, about opening a lodge in his upstairs room.  Sam Abbott was over the moon and said Yes. What we did not know until that first meeting, was that Sam was a Buff and a Knight Order of Merit at that. (So now there were five.)

The ball had started rolling and one or two more Buffalo members were found who were not attending a lodge, some good new candidates were also found for initiation. (Some of those initiates still attend  Lodges to this day.) Everything was on course; we had a venue, we had potential members, we even had some regalia given to us by local lodges. What we did not have was a name. It may not seem like it but that was the hardest part, thinking up an appropriate one and then one evening  Bro's Brian Watson and John English said what about the White Cliffs Lodge. That was it, no further discussion was needed and we had found the name "The WHITE CLIFFS LODGE". On the 5th February 1975 the White Cliffs Lodge was opened. Ever since that opening night it has been a good lodge, with a strong foundation, just like those White Cliffs it is named after.

Regrettably Bro's George Fincher ROH, Brian Watson ROH, John English ROH (three of the original Lodge Founders) and Bro Sam Abbott ROH, have all passed away to the Grand Lodge above. They left behind a happy lodge, one they would all be proud of.

Sadly since 2005 the lodge members declined and in December 2010 a decision was made to amalgamate with the Pharos De Dubris Lodge. This was a hard decision to make but with the decline in membership it was one that had to be faced up to..


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