Shorncliff Unity Lodge 5033

The Shorncliff Unity 5033 amalgamated with Garrison Eagle Lodge 7094 on the 1st April 2010

Look at Garrison Eagle Lodge page for their meetings.




In 1972 the Pride of Cheriton Lodge No 8525 and The Philips Sassoon Lodge No 5033 amalgamated and the lodge was renamed the Shorncliff Unity Lodge No 5033. At that time the lodge met close to the Shorncliff Barracks in Folkestone and it is thought that some members of the lodge at that time had connection to the military there, that is why they selected the name of Shorncliff.

The secretary back in those days was Brother Bernard Whiting ROH. Brother Bernard was a Major in the Army, a rank he achieved after starting as a Private. He, along with about five other brothers, kept the Lodge going through the 1980's until it picked up again in the 90's. Sadly most of those six brothers have passed away now. Brother Bernard Whiting ROH passed away in January 1996.

Due to the lack of regular members the lodge decided to amalgamate with the Garrison Eagle Lodge No 7094. While this decision was not made lightly it has turned out to be the right one.

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