Pharos De Dubris Lodge 10554

The Pharos De Dubris Lodge meet at The Old Endeavour,

124 London Road, Dover, Kent CT17 0TG

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Lodge Secretary:  Bro. Derek Dutton R.O.H. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 The Old Endeavour P.H. 124 London Road, Dover, Kent.  CT17 0TG

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The Pharos De Dubris Lodge was founded in 1994. The name was to give it a very local identity, Pharos being the name of a Roman lighthouse.  There were two Roman lighthouses flanking the Roman harbour of Dover. These lighthouses were used to warn ships where the coastline was.  Dubris comes from the Roman name for Dover which was after the name Dubras which at that time meant "waters".

While this is the youngest Lodge in the Province we believe we are a good and happy lodge that takes seriously our charitable aims. Every year since we were formed we have run charitable events and have supported many local charities. If you are a member of the Order and are able to pay us a visit, then you can be assured we will be more than happy to see you and will give you a very warm Buffalo welcome.





 The Second Degree Raising of Bro Stephen Arnold took place at the Crabble Corn Mill,  Lower Road, River, Dover  CT17 0UY  on Saturday 10th September 2016.

The evening went very well with visits from Canterbury & District Province and the Kent County Province as well as members from our own Province. An excellent ceremony was carried out by Bro Glenn Duck KOM  Provincial Grand Primo (his very first ceremony). The ladies then joined us and a social evening was enjoyed by all.





The Pharos De Dubris Lodge held their Anniversary Buffet and Social Evening  on Saturday 16th July 2016, for members, their family's and friends at The Old Endeavour public house, London Road, Dover.  from 1930 hrs.

This well attended event was to celebrate the lodge  22nd Anniversary and at the same time raising funds for the Provincial Grand Primo's Charity appeal "Dandelion Time"







The third degree raising of Brother Raymond Brannon K.O.M. took place on Friday 1st May 2015.  at the Cricketers PH, Crabble Avenue. River, Dover.

The Installing Officer was Bro Peter Wakefield R.O.H who carried out a good ceremony and a pleasant evening was had by all those in attendance.

Bro Ray and the Pharos De Dubris Lodge would like to thank all those that attended.

 Bro Ray Brannon K.O.M.

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