The Dover Patrol Lodge 3765

The Lodge meets at the Crabble Corn Mill, (cottages). Lower Road, River, Dover,  Kent.  CT17 0UY

Fortnightly  on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. at 8 p.m.

Lodge Secretary:  Bro. Harry Reid ROH


 Crabble Corn Mill, Lower Road, River, Dover Kent. CT17 0UY 

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 The Order Celebrates Honorary Membership


On the 2nd July 2016 Bro John Cornelius McGary K.O.M. was awarded his Honorary Membership after Forty Years compliant membership of the Order and he and his good lady Buffess  June, were also presented with a gift and a bouquet of flowers to mark this special occasion.

Known to all who know him as Brother Corny K.O.M. he was first initiated in the White Cliffs Lodge No 9993 on the 12th May 1976. He was raised to the Second Degree on the 20th April 1977 and he gained his Third Degree (K.O.M.) on the 18th June 1980.

He has always been an active member of his lodge and the Province  being a Trustee in both lodge and the Provincial Grand Lodge. and has assisted at many events, such as Grand Lodge Meetings in Folkestone in 1977 & 1999 plus of course G.L. Convention also held in Folkestone in 1988.

Bro Corny is now a fully compliant and respected member of the Dover Patrol Lodge after the White Cliffs Lodge sadly had to amalgamate with the Pharos De Dubris. and it gave the Dover Patrol Lodge and the Order much pleasure in bestowing this honour upon him.

Sadly Bro Corny McGarry KOM passed away on the 26th September 2017.

(see; "In Memorium" Page) 




The Dover Patrol are pleased to announce that the Third Degree Raising of Brother Glenn Duck K.O.M.   P.G.P. took place at

Crabble Corn Mill, Lower Road, River, Dover  CT17 0UY  

on Saturday 16th April 2016  

The installing officer was Bro Richard Shellard ROH who carried out a very good ceremony from memory.

 Bro Glenn Duck K.O.M.  P.G.P.



 Bro Glenn Duck K.O.M. with Bro Richard Shellard ROH         Bro Brian Bushell K.O.M with Bro Glen Duck K.O.M.

   Bro Richard Shellard ROH was the Installing Officer

Bro Robert Shorland R.O.H.   Bro Glenn Duck K.O.M.  Bro Harry Reid R.O.H.

Bro Robert Shorlnad R.O.H and Bro Harry Reid R.O.H. were sponsors of Bro Glenn Duck KO.M.

 to the Third Degree.




Bobby Smith,  Bro Harry Reid ROH & Bro Glenn Duck KOM  P.G.Primo

Booby Smith & Brothers Glenn and  Harry as members of the Dover Patrol Lodge attended the Zeebrugge Raid Commemoration on Sunday 23rd April at St James Cemetery, Dover to mark the 98th anniversary and in respect of those Brave men who gave their lives on the Dover Patrol raid back in 1918.

Click on the picture to watch a short video (sound on) of the Belgium Scout Band leaving the memorial area and the site where many of those brave service men are buried on the hills of Dover.




During the First World War, Dover Patrol was the name given to those seamen who kept the English Channel open they formed a discrete unit of the Royal Navy who were based at Dover and Dunkirk for the duration of the First World War. The primary task of the Dover Patrol was simple; to prevent enemy shipping and in the main submarines from accessing the English Channel en route to the Atlantic Ocean, thereby forcing the German Navy to travel the much longer route via Scotland.  

On (St. George's Day) 23rd April 1918 the Dover Patrol's "finest hour" they launched an attack on Zeebrugge to seal in the German U. Boats, in what was their home port. Casualties were heavy and eight Victoria Crosses were awarded,  the raid raised the moral of the Nation and to this day, a remembrance ceremony is held every St. George's Day in Dover.

During the course of the First World War it has been estimated that approximately 125,000 allied supply ships passed through the Dover Patrol area, of which only 73 were lost to enemy German submarines, a remarkably effective record.

In 1921 the Dover Patrol Memorial was erected on the Cliffs at St. Margaret's Bay just outside Dover. The memorial is dedicated to those brave men who gave their lives in the Zeebrugge Raid and for the keeping open of the Channel for the duration of WW1..

The Dover Patrol Lodge No. 3765 was opened on the 20th August 1921 at  the Prince Imperial Hotel, which overlooked the quay, where the Dover Patrol Heroes set sail on the dangerous and arduous voyages. It was also where thousands of our gallant boys left for distant fronts and also where so many of our maimed and wounded lads were received back home again.

The lodge  was opened by Bro. H.C. Ebbutt, K.O.M. and it's name  dedicated in full respect to the memory of those same brave men.  The three Founder members of the Lodge were Bro. W.B.Traynor V.C.  R.O.H.   Bro. W.S. Lilliett  K.O.M. and Bro. D.A. Sherman K.O.M. Twelve new brothers were initiated by Bro. Ebbutt, K.O.M. All present were impressed by the various ceremonials that he conducted so well. For reasons unknown a new home was found during 1922 and the lodge moved to the Griffin Inn, Folkestone Road and the meetings were held on a Friday evening.

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Bro. William Bernard TRAYNOR V.C.  R.O.H 

A Founder member of the Dover Patrol 3765


He served as a Sergeant in the 2nd Bn., The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales Own).  On the 6th February 1901, at Bothwell Camp, South Africa, during a night attack, Sergeant Traynor ran out of a trench under extremely heavy fire to help a wounded man.  While running he was wounded and being unable to carry the man himself, called for assistance.  A Lance Corporal came to him and between them they carried the wounded soldier into shelter.  Afterwards, in spite of his wounds, Sergeant Traynor remained in command of his Section, encouraging his men until the attack on them failed.

Bro. William Traynor V.C. was born in Hull on the 31st December 1870 and was of Irish decent and his name is on the Irish Roll of Honour. On the 20th October 1954 aged 83 Bro. Traynor passed away. He is buried at Charlton Cemetery in Dover, Kent. To this day his memory lives on within the S. E. Kent Province and his regalia still hangs in the Dover Patrol Lodge along with his picture.

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Looking After the Grave of our Founder Member.

The Dover Patrol Lodge found out that the grave of one it's founders William Traynor V.C. was in a very poor condition so decidded that it would try and tidy the grave up. The first photo shows the origional state of the grave prior to the clean up. The second picture is after the hard work was done and of course the third picture was after the local press got to know about bringing back the grave of a Victoria Cross winner to a respectable condition, a condition it is now kept in by the members.




40 Years Compliant Membership

 Bro Sam Waite ROH (left)    Bro. Harry Reid ROH  (right)

On the 12th October 2011 Bro Harry Reid R.O.H. of the Dover Patrol Lodge and Bro. Sam Waite R.O.H. of the William Fagg Lodge were both presented with Honorary Membership Certificate and Emblem after 40 years compliant membership of the Order. The Presentation was carried out by Bro Richard Shellard R.O.H. at an open meeting in the William Fagg Lodge.

Bro. Harry Reid ROH was initiated in the Dover Patrol Lodge in May 1971, and during his 40 years has been Provincial Grand Primo (1978), President of the Roll of Honour Assembly, President of Knights Chapter. and President of Examining Council.  He was also a founder member of the White Cliffs Lodge, this lodge has sadly  since amalgamated with the Pharos De Dubris Lodge.  

Currently Bro Harry is Secretary of The Dover Patrol Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge and the R.O.H. Assembly.

Bro Sam Waite ROH was initiated in the Lyddite Lodge 9728 in April 1971 and during his 40 years has been Provincial Grand Primo, President of Roll of Honour Assembly, President of Knights Chapter, President of Examining Council and he has for the past 25 years been a Trustee of Provincial Grand Lodge. Bro Sam has seen his mother Lodge the Lyddite Lodge amalgamate with the Fearnoght Lodge 6369, which later amalgamated with the William Fagg Lodge, the lodge which he is still fully in compliance with.

Sadly Brother Sam Waite ROH passed away on the 31st August 2014, he will be sadly missed by all in the Province, he was a true Buff our condolences go to Jeanette his wife and the family. (See In Memorium page)

You can see more pictures on this presentation on the William Fagg Lodge pages.

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