Provincial Grand Lodge of the South East Kent Province

The Provincial Grand Lodge, starting from January meet Bi -Monthly  on the third Monday of the month, at the Royal Cheriton Public House, 339 Cheriton Road,  Cheriton, Folkestone,  CT19 4BP.  (click post code for map) 


To contact the Provincial Grand Secretary:  Bro Harry Reid R.O.H.  

Tel: 01304 823710         e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Bro Raymond Brannon K.O.M. was elected to the office of Provincial Grand Primo for 2017 at the November Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge. Bro Raymond is looking forward to a good year and has announced that his chosen charity for the year will be "Cure Parkinson's Trust"



Provincial Grand Primo  Bro Raymond Brannon K.O.M.




Provincial Grand Primo:                            Bro. Raymond Brannon K.O.M...
Deputy Provincial Grand Primo: Bro. Peter Wakefield R.O.H.
Immediate Past Provincial Grand Primo:           Bro. Glenn Duck K.O.M.
Director of Ceremonies: Bro. Keith Wilson-Hamilton R.O.H.
P. G. Tyler: Bro. Trevor Osborne K.O.M.
P. G. Constable: Bro: Stephen Payne R.O.H.
P. G. Alderman of Benevolence:  Bro. Richard Shellard R.O.H.
P. G. Alderman of Juniper: Bro: James Connor R.O.H.
P. G. Registrar: Bro. Brian Bushell K.O.M.
P. G. Minstrel: Bro. Robert Shorland R.O.H.
P. G. Waiter: Bro. Derek Dutton R.O.H.
P. G. Secretary: Bro. Harry Reid  R.O.H.
P. G. Treasurer: Bro. Edward Banks K.O.M.
P. G. Trustee: Bro. James Connor  R.O.H.
P. G. Trustee: Bro. Keith Wilson-Hamilton  K.O.M.
P. G. Trustee: Bro. Richard Shellard  R.O.H.



Provincial Grand Primo Visits & Events 2017

I.P.G.P. Presentation Dinner  18th February
P.G.P. Visit to the Garrison Eagle Lodge  2nd March
P.G.P. Investiture at Crabble Corn Mill, Dover. 11th March
P.G.P. Visit to the William Fagg Lodge 5th April
P.G.P. Visit to the Dover Patrol Lodge 22nd June
P.G.P. Visit to the Pharos De Dubris Lodge 11th July
P.G.P. Visit to the Garrison Eagle Lodge 7th September
P.G.P. Visit to the William Fagg Lodge 18th October
P.G.P. Visit to the Dover Patrol Lodge  9th November
P.G.P. Visit to the Pharos De Dubris Lodge  5th December






Brother Glenn Duck C.P.  Provincial Grand Primo 2016




Charity Presentation Evening of the P.G. Primo 2016



           L to R  Bro Ray Brannon KOM  P.G.P. 2017,  Mrs Anyes Reading, Mrs Louise Reid,  Bro Glenn Duck KOM  P.G.P. 2016                                                Bro Harry Reid ROH (Pic 2) (No relation to Mrs Louise Reid)

The Provincial Grand Primo for 2016 held his  Charity Presentation Dinner & Dance at the Dover Athletic F.C. club room on the 18th February 2017. 

Bro Glenn Duck KOM Provincial Grand Primo of the Province for 2016 chose for his charity  "Dandelion Time" a charity based in Kent that gives support to Abused and Neglected Children and their Families.  Throughout the year events have taken place in support of this charity and at the Charity Presentation evening Bro Glenn handed a cheque to Mrs Anyes Reading and Louise Reid for four thousand, four hundred pounds.

Both Mrs Reading and Mrs Reid of Dandelion Time thanked the Provincial Grand Primo Bro Glenn Duck KOM and everyone who had supported him in his appeal and for the cheque of £4,400. They then gave a short talk on how the charity works with children to get them away from the trauma in their young lives and supports them in looking forward.


Thank You Message from Dandelion Time 


Message From the P. G. Primo Bro Glenn Duck K.O.M.

Brother Glenn Duck K.O.M.  has asked that his thanks go to everyone who has supported him through his year of office and  for their kind support of his chosen charity "Dandelion Time"

All the members, their families and some local businesses have supported him in raising far more than his personal target. 

 Thank You one and all.   Yours in appreciation Bro Glenn Duck K.O.M.




Brothers lend a Helping Hand 



Back Row:  Brothers Kevin Damant, and Glenn Duck K.O.M.  P.G.Primo

Front Row: Brothers Stephen Arnold,  Trevor Osborne K.O.M. &  Gary Bivens.

Supporting a charity can be more than just raising money which is why the Provincial Grand Primo and four brothers of the Province went along to the Dandelion Time "May Fair Day" held on the 14th May, to assist the staff there by helping out with their car parking. It was a very successful day with around 1000 people turning up to see all the work this wonderful charity carry out.


 Copy of Thank You Letter from Dandelion Time




P.G.Primo Charity Fund Raising Events 

The Dover Athletic FC Supporters Club  kindly linked up with Bro Glenn Duck C.P. our Provincial Grand Primo to put on a charity Quiz Night with all the profits going to the Provincial Grand Primo's charity for this year "Dandelion Time".

The Quiz Night was on the 18th March 2016 at the Centre Spot, Club House of Dover Athletic Football Club, Lewisham Road, River, Dover.

It was a very good evening that was laid on by Dover Athletic F.C. Supporters Club and they raised £350 for the P.G.Primo's appeal 

Thank You to Dover Athletic FC for their generosity and hospitality.


At the Boot Fair




Yet another good day at the Boot Fair, this time in Canterbury with Brothers Keith Wilson Hamilton ROH   Harry Reid ROH  and Glenn Duck KOM  P.G.Primo who took the photo's.  The fifth boot fair in aid of the P.G.P's appeal, "Dandelion Time". The fund is doing very well and should be a nice surprise for the charity when the cheque is handed over on the 18th February at the P.G.Primo's Presentation Dinner evening. (see further up the column for details) 




Provincial Grand Primo's Investiture

Bro Glenn Duck C.P. was Invested as the Provincial Grand Primo of the South East Kent Province at the Crabble Corn Mill on Saturday 12th March 2016. The ceremony was conducted by the Immediate Past Provincial Grand Primo Bro Jim Connor R.O.H.  ably supported by the officers of Provincial Grand Lodge.

The Investiture was well attended by members of the Order, their ladies, family and friends from several Provinces around the County. The evening was enjoyed by everyone and Brother Glenn Duck C.P. now looks forward to a successful year ahead.


        Bro Glenn during the ceremony by Bro Jim Connor ROH  & Congratulations after.



    Bro Glann's Grandson presenting the left Gauntlet  & his daughter presenting the right gauntlet.














                                Bro Glenn Duck C.P.  P.G.P. with the Officers of the S.E.Kent Province R.A.O.B.




Year 2015


Provincial Grand Primo 2015 Presentation Evening 

26th February 2016 


Left to Right:-  

Bro Glenn Duck P.G.P. Mr Arthur Godden (SERV) Mr Trevor Sayer (SERV) Bro. Jim Connor P.G.P. 2015 


               Mr Trevor Sayer SERV  

       Events & Fund Raising Coordinator

The Provincial Grand Primo for 2015 Bro James (Jim) Connor ROH decided at the start of his year that his chosen charity for the year would be SERV (Kent Blood Runners) The charity is run by volunteers, who on their own motor bikes or cars supply the Kent hospitals and the Kent Air Ambulance with blood, blood products, samples, equipment and medicines.

The appeal over the year had donations from lodges of the Province and Provincial Grand Lodge. It also had members doing events to raise money such as a Bungy Jump,  the selling of old RAOB jewels and the selling of football cards but to name a few.

On Friday 26th February 2016, the William Fagg Lodge as the host lodge for the P.G.Primo, arranged a Presentation Evening at Sotarios restaurant in Greatstone and Mr Arthur Godden Chairman, and Mr Trevor Sayer, Events Coordinator, of the charity Kent SERV were invited along. The Provincial Grand Primo for 2015 Bro Jim Connor ROH at the event handed over a cheque for £2000 to the two members of SERV (the Kent Blood Runners) which ended a very successful year for Bro Jim as Provincial Grand Primo.  

In return Mr Trevor Sayer,  Events & Fund Raising Coordinator for Kent SERV,  thanked the Provincial Grand Primo and members of the Province for the wonderful gift of the cheque for £2000. He also gave a very good talk on the work the volunteers of SERV carry out, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and the support they give to not only the Kent Hospitals but also to the Kent Air Ambulance, stating that Kent were the first to carry out this support to the Air Ambulance service.

Mr Arthur Godden as Chairman of Kent SERV then gave a talk on the role of the Air Ambulance and how SERV volunteers give their support into making sure blood is available at all times for the Air Ambulance to carry, a service which only a few years ago was not available.  He also mention the cooperation that has to go into making sure there is a fully recorded audit trail right back to the donor.

To read more about SERV go to:- 


Certificate of Thanks from the Kent Blood Runners


Bro Keith Wilson-Hamilton Jumps for P.G.P.'s Appeal




Bro Keith Wilson-Hamilton K.O.M. likes a challenge and every year for the last four years he has taken to carry out dare devil challenges in aid of charities and in particular the Provincial Grand Primo's charity. On the 11th April Bro Keith went to the O2 in London and carried out a Bungy jump. This time he has carried out his charity challenge sponsorship in aid of this years Provincial Grand Primo's Appeal for "SERV" The Kent section of Blood Runners. Keith has done a parachute jump, abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower, and done the Ice bucket challenge, so anyone have any idea's what challenge we can give him next.

Well Done Bro Keith and thank You. 




Year 2014 

P.G. Primo 2014 PRESENTATION EVENING  20th February 2015

Left to Right  Bro. Jim Connor R.O.H.   Bro Eddie Banks K.O.M.  

                 &  Debbie Shade of Lydd House Playgroup

Bro Eddie Banks K.O.M. made a presentation of £1600 to the Lydd Play Group at his Presentation Evening Dinner held at Sotirio's 103.  Littlestone, on Friday 20th February 2015.  The money was raised during Brother Eddie's year as Provincial Grand Primo for 2014.  It was raised by visits, selling pontoon cards, Ice Bucket Challenge, Quiz night and of course Bro Keith's abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.   


2014 Provincial Grand Primo Appeal Events


Donation by the William Fagg Lodge No 9986


Bro Eddie Banks K.O.M.  Provincial Grand Primo chose at the start of his year the Lydd Play Group as his Charity for the year. To show their support Brother Eddie's Lodge the  William Fagg Lodge 9986 presented the Lydd Play Group with a cheque for £500. 


DARE DEVIL Keith Wilson-Hamilton K.O.M.



                                  Anyone who knows Keith will know he never wears socks



Brother Keith Wilson Hamilton K.O.M. doing his Abseil down the 175m Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on the 21st June 2014 in aid of two charities. The childrens charity "CHAMPS" Centre for Haematology and our Provincial Grand Primo's Appeal the "Lydd Play Group". 



Brother Keith carried out yet another abseil down the Spinnaker Tower on Saturday 2nd August but this time for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust. 



On Wednesday 29th October, Brothers of the Dover Patrol and Garrison Eagle Lodges paid a visit to the William Fagg Lodge, with the aim of carrying out the Ice Bucket Challenge in aid of the Provincial Grand Primo's appeal ( Lydd Play Group). Due to the weather and wanting to take some photo's the event was taken inside to the large shower room. 

Six buckets were filled with ICE and COLD water and Brothers Keith Wilson-Hamilton KOM,  Glenn Duck CP and Harry Reid ROH each took their turn in having two buckets of ICE COLD water tipped over their heads.  Brother Stephen Payne ROH  was elected to do the tipping but did not take a lot of persuasion.



                   Bro Glenn Duck C.P.                                                          Bro Keith Wilson-Hamilton K.O.M.


Bro Harry Reid R.O.H.






Year 2013


2013 Provincial Grand Primo Donations. 

Brother Trevor Osborne KOM P.G.Primo 2013 presenting a cheque for £500 to the Staff of the Heart Ward (Cambridge K) William Harvey Hospital in Ashford Kent.

From Left: Health Care Assistant Julie Reed, Bro Richard Shellard ROH,  Staff Nurse Victoria Horner, Bro Trevor Osborne KOM  P.G.P (2013),  Ward Manager  Belinda Cheesman,  Bro Harry Reid ROH and Staff Nurse Joyce Stott.

Ward Manager Belinda Cheesman said the donation will go towards additional monitoring equipment for the patients on the cardiac ward at the William Harvey. The Kentish Express (local paper) also covered the event with the above picture and write up kindly sent in by Mr. Robert Williamson the Fundraising manager of the East Kent Hospital's Charity.


Brother Trevor Osborne KOM Provincial Grand Primo 2013 presenting a cheque for £500 to the Group Scout leader Nic Saunders of the 13th Dover Scout Group. Mr Saunders said in his thanks that this was their largest donation and would be used for outside activities.


     Bro Keith Wilson Hamilton K.O.M. Jumping for the  P.G.P's Appeal





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