Roll of Honour Assembly No. 123

The Roll of Honour Assembly No. 123 meet quarterly on the 2nd Friday of March, June September and December at 8pm.  The meeting place changes by moving around the Province.

We have some great evenings and all Roll of Honour Members are more than welcome to attend. However, prior to attending we would suggest you contact the Provincial Grand Secretary.  He will be able to tell you where the meeting is taking place so that you can attend.


Secretary of ROH Assembly:-  Bro. Harry Reid ROH  (also P.G. Secretary)

 01304 823710  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Roll of Honour Officers 2018

President:        Bro. Keith Wilson-Hamilton R.O.H.
Vice President:               Bro. Peter Wakefield R.O.H.
Immediate Past President:             Bro. Robert Shorland  R.O.H..
Director of Ceremonies: Bro; Harry Reid  R.O.H.
R.O.H. Guard: Bro: Derek Dutton  R.O.H.
R.O.H. Bearer of the Peace: Bro:  
R.O.H Bearer of the Jewel: Bro: 
R.O.H. Secretary: Bro. Harry Reid.  R.O.H
R.O.H. Treasurer: Bro  Robert Shorland R.O.H.
Trustee; Bro. Keith Wilson-Hamilton  R.O.H.
Trustee: Bro. 




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