Invicta Knights Chapter No. 159

The Knights Chapter meet at The Royal Cheriton Public House, 339 Cheriton Road, Cheriton,  Folkestone,  CT19 4BP  at 8 p.m. on the last Monday of the month.



The Royal Cheriton P.H. , 339 Cheriton Road,   Cheriton  Folkestone, Kent. CT19 4BP

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A warm welcome awaits you at the Invicta Knights Chapter No 159. We pride our selves in having good, friendly, fun meetings.  If you are in the area and you are a K.O.M. or R.O.H. member, please come along and join in.


Invicta Knights Chapter Officers 2018


President  Bro. Glenn Duck K.O.M.    
Vice President  Bro. Raymond Brannon R.O.H..      
Immediate Past President  Bro.     
Director of Ceremonies  Bro. Peter Wakefield  R.O.H.    
Knight Guard  Bro. Harry Reid R.O.H.    
Knight Constable  Bro. Keith Wilson-Hamilton  R.O.H.    
Knight Registrar  Bro. Brian Bushell K.O.M.    
Bearer of Insignia of Peace  Bro. Eddie Banks K.O.M.    
Bearer of The Jewel  Bro. Derek Dutton R.O.H.    
Knight Almoner      
Knight Servitor      
Knight Secretary  Bro. Robert Shorland  R.O.H.    
Knight Treasurer  Bro. Keith Wilson-Hamilton  R.O.H.    
Knight Trustee  Bro. Harry Reid  R.O.H.    
Knight Trustee  Bro. Glenn Duck K.O.M.    
Knight Trustee  Bro.     
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